Voucher Program

Voucher referrals can now be made electronically!

Our community partners have started referring via the voucher referral link and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the ease of the process.

  • You can complete the online referral via this link: SVdP Voucher Referral Link (You can bookmark this link to make it more accessible)

a. Once the online referral has been completed, it will automatically be sent to Stephanie’s (the Office and Mission Services Specialist) email. - you can let the neighbor in need know that they should be receiving a call once their voucher has been processed.

i. The necessary fields are marked required

b. Stephanie checks her emails for referrals every morning and throughout the day. It typically does not take more than 24 to have a voucher processed.

c. Stephanie will process the voucher and assign a care card.

d. Once complete, she will call the neighbor in need to inform them it is ready and provide next steps.

e. The neighbor in need brings their photo ID into the office and Stephanie gives them their care card. She will also go over what they have been given on the voucher and discuss the items that qualify.

  • OR You can call Stephanie at 920-739-1679 or email her at to share information about the neighbor in need and let her know what you would like vouchered.

a. Stephanie will make sure all the necessary information is entered in to community (names, DOB, address, etc.)

b. Repeat steps c – e


Care Cards

Common questions and answers

Q How long does a neighbor in need have to wait after a referral is submitted electronically?

A Care cards are processed every morning and throughout the day. They will typically get processed within 24 hours (excluding weekends)

Q How will a neighbor in need know when their care card is ready?

A The Office and Mission Services Specialist (OMSS) will give them a call to let them know it is ready and inform them on next steps.

Q What happens if there is a crisis situation on a Saturday and the neighbor in need could use help with a voucher immediately?

A Conferences should use their best judgement. If there is no one in the office to issue a care card and assistance is needed immediately, a Conference still has the option to enter the information into Community and print the paper voucher

  • If this happens, please communicate with the OMSS so she can issue a care card the next business day via phone (920) 739-1679 or email

Q What happens if the neighbor in need looses their care card?

A We still have the capability of printing out a paper voucher. We can also look up their information at the register using their phone number