The Facts

More people than ever live on the edge of homelessness.

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable populations.  That's why it's critical for us to promote systemic change.  At SVdP Appleton, we meet families and individuals where they are and provide them with the tools they need to reduce their reliance on community resources.   

ALICE report findings show that 42 percent of households struggle to afford the basic necessities of housing, child care, health care, food, and transportation.     

We've seen a steady increase in Wisconsin Works (W-2) program participants, coupled with a rise in the percentage of people needing food stamps.  Our community has started approaching poverty by addressing its root causes, which often requires the close collaboration of many agencies that can deliver wraparound services so that people have the tools they need to move toward self-sufficiency.  

Learn more about poverty in the U.S. and the role our organization plays in SVdP's coordinated, care-driven response to the need for systemic change.