Strategic Mission Plan


Directional Statement: Achieve the Standards of Excellence, Mission and Vision of the Appleton District Council. 

Mission Statement: St. Vincent de Paul Appleton is a Catholic lay organization that brings people together to grow in spirituality through face-to-face services to our neighbors in need. Our organization focuses on promoting systemic change and reducing poverty. 

Vision Statement: The St. Vincent de Paul Appleton District Council envisions a collective effort to provide sustainable growth, greater diversity and enhanced resources to increase awareness to all we serve. 

Goal 1: Identify successful conference programs and share best practices across the District. 

  • Action Item 1: Mission Development Director to host quarterly sharing sessions for conferences to discuss identified challenges and opportunities (conference programs, training, spirituality, community and parish awareness, fundraising, and membership) starting May 2019. 

  • Action Item 2: Mission Development Director to collect benchmark information and future goal information from conferences at quarterly sharing sessions, in accordance with Standards of Excellence starting July 2019. 

  • Action Item 3: Mission Development Director will follow up monthly on conference goals to offer additional support. 

  • Action Item 4: Mission Development Director to host additional small group sessions to support conference priorities as needed. 

  • Action Item 5: Strategic Mission Committee will continue to meet and evaluate progress as appropriate. 

Goal 2: Develop District Council meetings; focus on mission execution and future mission expansion. 

  • Action Item 1: Priority focus of Appleton District Council meetings is Standards of Excellence, spirituality, mission execution and future mission expansion.  

  • Action Item 2: District Council President will develop monthly meeting agendas that focus on conferences and their mission work. 

  • Action Item 3: In collaboration with the Mission Development Director, District Council Members will research and develop new or expanded programs to meet identified community needs and collaborate with other mission-compatible organizations. Standing agenda item at the District Council meetings. Conference Presidents to share with the District Council President to add as an agenda item.  

Goal 3: Empower, increase and diversify our membership and volunteer base, and attract young people to Vincentian service. 

  • Action Item 1: Mission Development Director will provide all conferences with available volunteer recruitment resources by July 2019. 

  •  Mission Development Director and Volunteer Coordinator will be available to assist with needed conference recruitment resources. 

  • Action Item 2: All conferences will meet with the Mission Development Director to develop a recruitment plan by January 1, 2020. 

  • Mission Development Director will develop and send a survey to benchmark current information and future goals from all conferences by July 2019. 

  • Mission Development Director will develop individualized templates to implement future conference goals by July 2019 based on survey results. 

  • Parish bulletin articles 

  • Social media 

  • Pulpit  

  • Annual reports 

  • Special events 

  • Signage 

  • Brochures 

  • Media releases 

  • Peer recruitment 

  • Create more entry points for people to serve 

  • Action Item 3: Mission Development Director will follow up with conferences to offer additional support to achieve goals as needed.  

  • Action Item 4: Strategic Mission Committee will continue to meet and evaluate progress as appropriate. 

Goal 4: Develop District-wide training program. 

  • Action Item 1: District Council President will create and distribute a calendar of all existing training opportunities for Conference Members in 2019/2020.  

  • Action Item 2: District Council President will distribute a list of all existing training materials available to conferences through St. Vincent de Paul National. 

Goal 5: Develop District-wide spirituality program. 

  • Action Item 1: District Council President and District Council Spiritual Advisor will provide spiritual activities at Appleton District Council meetings/gatherings that promote spiritual growth, fellowship and guidance to our conferences.  

  • Action Item 2: District Council Spiritual Advisor will host a meeting with current Spiritual Advisors from all conferences to benchmark current spiritual activities and offer ideas and guidance to increase spirituality at conference meetings by July 2019. 

  • Action Item 3: District Council Spiritual Advisor will offer support for all Conferences to have a Spiritual Advisor by July 2019. 

Goal 6: Increase revenue and diversify sources to support our mission. 

  • The St. Vincent de Paul Appleton District Council will collaborate with the St. Vincent de Paul Appleton Board of Directors to increase revenue and diversify sources to support our mission as needed by evaluating quarterly forecasts and adjusting allocation of resources.  

  • The St. Vincent de Paul Appleton District Council will identify the need for additional funding as our Conferences strengthen in capacity to serve. The St. Vincent de Paul Appleton Board of Directors will support the request by evaluation and allocation of available resources. 

  • Action Item: Standing agenda item at St. Vincent de Paul Appleton Board of Directors meeting.