For individuals in crisis, the first step is Next Step.

The Next Step Program establishes meaningful connections between volunteer coaches and program participants, who receive guidance, support, instruction, and encouragement that helps them reduce their dependency on community resources and increase their own self-sufficiency.  Through the program, struggling community members embark on a journey out of poverty through strength-based, empowerment-driven coaching.  

People in poverty and unstable environments living in crisis mode benefit from having someone in their lives who can support them through the difficult changes needed to build skills, change relationships, and develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary to complete the journey toward self-sufficiency.

Our volunteer coaches help our neighbors in need recognize their potential, identify barriers, and learn how to positively overcome those barriers with informed choices and problem solving. More importantly, individuals and families develop self-determination and self-worth as they accomplish small goals that serve as landmarks on their path toward self-sufficiency. 


What We've Accomplished


Last year, we had 59 individuals participate in the Next Step Program.



Our 13 Volunteer Coaches provided over 2,000 hours of service last year



Next Step participants have gone on to find new careers, affordable housing options, and richer lives because of their strengthened sense of resiliency and social support.  Learn more about how the home visits strengthen relationships and connect individuals in crisis to larger networks of compassion and care.