Wraparound care at LEAVEN's new resource center

If we want to address systemic poverty, we need to work together.  That's what we're so excited that two of our full-time staff members--our Mission Services Coordinator and our Next Step Coordinator--will have offices in LEAVEN's soon-to-open one-stop community resource center. 

LEAVEN has worked closely with many basic needs-serving agencies to identify the gaps in service that individuals experiencing poverty face every day.  Learn more about their work here, and about how their work with the POINT (Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Network Team) Project catalyzed their efforts to bring together a supportive network of resources in one place.  

We're excited to be a part of LEAVEN's expansion--and so happy for our community.  We know we'll see a shift in poverty as individuals have better access to the supportive services they need when crises prevent them from having access to the resources they need to meet their basic needs.  The resource center will definitely remove some of the barricades individuals face, and it will help us all begin to understand what difficulties we still need to think about as we work toward our long-term mission and vision of ending poverty through systemic change.