Bed Program


There has been lots of discussion around the bed program the last few months and may be getting confusing, so please note the information below:

The conversations that have taken place are around the need to logistically clean up our process on the intake side of the bed program (related to the store operations) and to have local community partner who we could purchase the beds from for members within our community.

In line with our bed program guidelines, we do not accept referrals from other organizations, but instead, beds can be provided as an extension of an existing home visit. 

  1. If beds are to be provided, we are now working with Waupaca Mattresses and The Sleep Shop (Appleton). 

  2. We have pre-made forms (Sleep Shop and Waupaca Mattress) that will need to be filled out.

    • The Vincentian would keep a copy, the friend in need would receive the other two copies and then they would need to provide their extra copy to either of the company's at pickup.

      1. *Delivery is an option at both locations

        1. The Sleep Shop charges $39 so please be mindful as that can chew up a lot of the bed program funds over time

        2. Waupaca Mattress said they would deliver for free to anyone who lives within 10 miles of the store otherwise it is $2/mile outside the 10 mile radius

    • We would ask that all forms be turned in at each District Council meeting so we can attach to the invoices we receive from both companies

    • If you run out of forms, please contact Stephanie: or Amanda:

  3. If beds are approved, please contact Waupaca Mattress: (715) 942-6440 or The Sleep Shop: (920) 734-6388 / to let them know what was approved. Waupaca Mattress will need to ensure they have the requested beds in stock before sending over the friend in need

  4. We will still need to enter the information into our tracking database (Community) so please email Stephanie: and Amanda: the pertinent information

    • If the beds are being approved through the Sleep Shop, it may be helpful to send just one email to Tom, Stephanie and Amanda with the needed information