Impact Gift Catalog

Give the perfect gift to your neighbors who are struggling to meet their basic needs this holiday season. 
A brand new bed
for a child who has been sleeping on the floor.
to ensure the safety of a struggling family's vehicle.
A kitchen table
for a household without to sit up together as a family.
Funeral Services
to help the family of an individual who could not afford life insurance.
Extra curriculars
for a child who is left out due to his/her family's inability to afford it.
money so that a child does not need to go to school in dirty clothes.
for a homeless neighbor who has only one set.
Security Deposit
to help a family move into stable housing.
Furnace Repair
for a family that is unable to afford this unexpected expense.
Diapers and wipes
for an infant who's family is struggling to make ends meet.
Steel toed work boots
or non-slip work shoes for a newly employed individual.
Provide a donation toward other unique requests for assistance.
30-Ride bus pass
for a struggling parent to get to and from their place of employment.
to ensure that our neighbors do not go to sleep hungry tonight.
Child care
expenses for working parents trying to make ends meet.
Prescriptions and co-pays
  for an individual who isn't able to afford their necessary medication or medical care.
Gas card
for a student to get to school.
Utility bill
assistance to keep a neighbor's lights on when times get tough.