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If you need help

If you or someone you know needs assistance with basic living conditions and expenses, please call us at 920-739-1679 Ext. 4.  We do not ask that you belong to any certain faith community or that you participate in any religious activity in order to receive assistance as we serve all human beings.  

St. Vincent de Paul Voucher Program
We partner with the Catholic Parishes (St. Vincent de Paul Conferences) listed below and many social service agencies to provide merchandise to families and individuals in need. Our partners are able to list what types of merchandise you can receive at our main store at no charge, based on an analysis of your needs. The list might include clothing, bedding, housewares, furniture, appliances, etc. Having items listed on the referral form from our partner agencies is not a guarantee that you will receive those items. Voucher Program referrals can be brought to our main office located at 1924 W. College Ave. to be processed.

Appleton Catholic Churches with St. Vincent de Paul Conferences:

Sacred Heart
222 E. Fremont St., Appleton
(920) 739-4157

St. Bernadette
2331 E. Lourdes Dr., Appleton
(920) 739-4157

St. Bernard
1617 W. Pine St., Appleton
(920) 739-0331

St. Edward
N2921 State Road 47, Appleton
(920) 733-2887

St. Mary
312 S. State St., Appleton
(920) 739-5119

St. Pius X
500 W. Marquette St., Appleton
(920) 733-8568

St. Therese Church
213 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton
(920) 733-8568

St. Thomas More
1810 N. McDonald St., Appleton
(920) 739-7826

Partner Organizations

1475 Opportunity Way., Menasha
(920) 738-9635

Salvation Army
130 E. North St., Appleton
(920) 734-3324

Forward Service Corporation
1050 Midway Rd., Menasha